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Updated December 2008.

Welcome to Darlene's homepage

Life has been hectic with my move from massachusetts
to sunny and hot Phoenix Arizona, but I am so happy here and now want to share that with you
The weather is so much nicer here, and I'm in a place where I can just be myself
Seriously; I can lay out at the pool in a thong. All my neighbors know who Darlene is
I go to the store dressed up and it's not a problem. I'm so glad I moved here
So scroll on down and check out some of my latest pics

Hello my name is Darlene
I'm not a girl, but I wish I was, and I think I do a good job trying to look like one
I also like doing all sorts of things that girls like to do, or at least should like doing
I've put some of my favorite photos here for all the world to see.

I'm 5" 11" tall 135 lbs......"nimble"

I'm always experimenting with different looks

I just love being a girl

I always sleep on satin sheets

wearing a little nightie and some lipstick

A dab of perfume

The feel of old style nylon stockings on shaved legs

Being treated like a lady

Phoenix Arizona Photos

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